about genius creativity hub

At the Genius Creativity Hub, we endeavour to ignite young minds with the spark of creativity to reveal the inquisitive, persistent and independent side of their persona through adventure and play. We ensure that the participants have a free hand to invent, experiment, grow, take risks, break rules, make mistakes while having fun at the same time. We let their spirit follow instinct, let them come out of their shell, challenge themselves and turn their dreams into reality!!

Smartivity Camp

The Summer Camp at GE


Creativity, Love & Soul put to use aesthetically.

The Genius Carnival

Annual Function at GE

GE Conflux

The Alumni Meet

Genius Inner Circle

The Winter Camp at GE

Speak Up!

Public  Speaking Events & Competitions


The Plantation Ceremony

Donation Drives & Visit to NGOs

To learn Social Responsibility

Maths & IT Zone

Basic Mathematics and IT training


Jyoti Kukreja M/o Tanish Kukreja


Be it my kid's holiday homework, preparation for any contest or attending the summer camp, there is only one name  that comes to my mind.....Bandan ma'am.Under her able guidance and dedicated supervision,my kid is improving in all spheres by leaps and bounds!!

Meenu Chauhan M/o Mounil Arya


I am sure the kids will remember all the fun they had at the Smartivity Camp.These classes are going to be a life changing experience for them.As a mother, I am so happy these days,because Mounil( I am sure everyone) is learning new skills with great fun and joy.

Sarita Mittal M/o Krish Mittal


It feels great to see my child learn values of compassion and kindness through GE Donation Drives,learn creativity and develop logical reasoning at Smartivity Camp, develop concern for nature through GE plantation drives.........the list is endless......I feel short of words.Thank you Bandan Ma'am for your untiring efforts for our kids.