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Ritu Dewan M/o Raunit Dewan


"Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber and future of an individual."       ~ Mr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

At Genius Edutorial, this is exactly what the teachers believe to demonstrate on a round the clock  schedule. I have known Mrs. Uppal as my mentor, coach, friend and a disciplined but endearing teacher since 2.5 decades, when I was her student between grade V-X. She has had a big hand in making me the successful professional that I am on the current day. Today, I continue to witness her along with Mr. H.S. Uppal, Bandan Preet & Ranjan Mahajan nurturing the same talent in the students of genius edutorial, one of the privileged ones being  my son, Aditya.

In today's highly commercialised educational society, it's hard to find true to the profession teachers who know the subjects thoroughly, take time ahead to plan and prepare the lessons well, set a well paced out success story.

It'll not be an overstatement if I say that amidst tens and hundreds of tutors floating around in the market today, it is this very family I have known that executes to its full potential the geniune duty to the noble profession of teaching.

The  Genius Edutorial mentors not just bring out a transformational turnaround in the academic results, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, but also contribute by leaps and bounds by nurturing and truly shaping up a good human being in our children as well as a responsible world citizen.

It's the 2nd generation with my son that is being taught and benefited by Genius Edutorial and I so sincerely wish and pray they go on successfully with the same rigour and spirit for decades ahead.......

Thank You!

Jatin Mehta - Alumnus


Coming to Genius Edutorial was a win-win situation for me. All thanks to Preeti Ma'am & Ranjan Sir for helping me in studies and shaping my personality overall!

If you find studying boring and difficult, Genius Edutorial makes it fun in their own way! From making the environment more conducive to enjoy studying.

I miss my days at Genius Edutorial, and wish many more successful batches to come.

Good Luck!!

Best Wishes,                                                                        

Jatin Mehta                                                                          

BBA-IT (2017-20)                                                             

Symbiosis Institute Of Computer Studies and Research                                                                                


Vikrant Singh F/o Saina Singh


Previously my daughter was attending XX coaching centre. Like any other child of her age, she was never really interested in studies. Yes, her performance was good, but not at par with her calibre. Saina is extremely talented. All she needed was a gentle push, a little extra attention, which the said coaching centre failed to provide.

Genius Edutorial became our ray of hope. It became instrumental in my daughter's good results and extended knowledge. GE has created a child conducive environment where classes are taken at a pace that is convenient for the students to understand. The teachers here encourage conceptual learning rather than rote learning. The mentors are dedicated and are  ready to clarify any query of the students. They cater to individual differences.

Regular tests are taken which team them  time management. Infact, there are even  regular parent teacher meetings  in which the teacher gives a more personalized feedback about the child .

If this is not everything that a parent could ask for, then what is?


~ Vikrant Singh


About Bandan Preet Mahajan (pdf)