About Us

About Us


GE was envisioned in 1999 to transform lives by empowering masses by instilling 21st century skills through provision of dynamic and stimulating forums of teaching-learning. With this core and sole purpose in mind, came into existence:

· Genius Edutorial

             · Genius ECPD Modules

            · Genius Creativity Hub

Each of the above were intended to help participants acquire knowledge, skills  


Mrs. S.K. Uppal


Mr. Harpinder Singh Uppal


Mrs. Bandan Preet Mahajan



 At GE,  we  envision the empowerment of all our students and participants by facilitating them to achieve their personal best through provision of a variety of learning opportunities. 


 In partnership with the entire community, GE aims to ensure that every student/participant  becomes a life-long learner who is a responsible, productive and engaged citizen within the global community by owning their future. 


 GE endeavours to provide an inclusive, conducive yet rigorous learning environment for all its  participants and students so that they are transformed into confident individuals who are morally upright, socially edified, creatively energised and emotionally balanced.  


 GE is dedicated to build positive student achievements and hone participating skills by providing them with means and motivation to excel in all realms of professional and personal life.  


 At GE, we endeavour to provide an invigorating and welcoming ambience while ensuring all safety standards especially for girls, women and kids. 

Learning Processes

 Recognising the fact that learning is a life-long process, at GE we try to nurture a quest for learning in our students, while also acknowledging effort, improvement and achievement. We try to cater to individual differences and maintain a strong feedback system. We also try to keep abreast of the times by incorporating technology and other innovative techniques into our teaching - learning process.